Alumni stories

The art of achievement

A Bachelor of Arts degree from Dal unlocks your potential – and a world of career opportunities within and beyond your field of study.

Here are just a few alumni who've used their Dal Arts degree as a launching pad for success:

Gord Cooper, business and technology executive

"I’ve probably done business in 40 countries. I may be in the business world rather than politics, government, or diplomacy – but it’s all international relations."

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Kinley Dowling, musician

"Dalhousie gave me the confidence to play in any kind of environment and with different kinds of people."

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Honourable Justice Peter Bryson
Justice Peter Bryson, Classics Alumnus

"Doing what you love can be practical. You are likely to enjoy it more and do it better."

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Meredith Hand, business executive

"I wanted to use the translation, interpretation, and cultural mediation in an international business environment."

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