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Courses in web systems, project management, information security, software engineering, databases, business and management information systems give students the skills to analyze problems, manage and lead teams to solve those problems, and communicate solutions back to the wider organization. 

The focus in the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science is to give students the foundations to develop solutions to real world problems using proven technologies. 

You will also learn about management from experts at Dalhousie's Faculty of Management.

Here are just a few of the courses you might take:

INFX 1606
Introduction to Website Creation

In this class, you’ll be introduced to key web concepts and skills for creating and maintaining websites – and you don’t need any formal computer training to take this class. Topics include an introduction to the Web, hypertext markup languages such as HTML, style sheets, client-side programming, multimedia foundations, dynamic content and website organization and maintenance.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

CSCI 2141
Intro to Database Systems

This course introduces students to the concepts of database management systems and database design. Topics include: Database (DB) components, DB design using entity-relationship (relational and object oriented), SQL, and transactional properties and techniques to support them. The concepts will be reinforced using one or more Database Management Systems.

Prerequisites: CSCI 1100 or CSCI 1110
Exclusions: CSCI 2140

CSCI 3130
Introduction to Software Engineering

The course examines the process of software development, from initial planning through implementation and maintenance. A brief survey of available tools and techniques will be presented covering the topics of analysis, planning, estimating, project management, design, testing, and evaluation. Particular emphasis will be given to organizing and planning, team participation and management, top-down design and structure charts, system and information flow diagrams, walk-throughs and peer review, and testing and quality control.

Prerequisites: CSCI 2110, CSCI 2132, or INFX 3600
Exclusions: INFX 3630

In the news

A Computer Game For a Cause
1452264873682 (1)

Mimi Cahill and her classmates have created a computer game. Unlike most games, this one was designed to help tackle one of the world’s most serious and challenging problems: the continued recruitment and use of child soldiers.

Like all students in the Informatics program, Mimi takes an Integrated Studies course each term that gives her the opportunity to work on a practical project. Working with teammates from her program, as well as Computer Science students (the course is cross-listed as Community Outreach for the Computer Science students), she’s made valuable contributions to several non-profit organizations. Read the full story.