Combining programs

How to mix Applied Computer Science with another field of study

A Bachelor of Applied Computer Science with a minor in Music? You can do that at Dalhousie. It might surprise you to discover that you can combine completely different fields of study into one degree.

There are a variety of ways to combine Applied Computer Science with many other academic programs. It’s no more difficult than doing a regular Applied Computer Science degree, and provides you with a formidable combination of skill sets to take into the job market.

Combinations to consider


There are over 20 minor programs that can be combined with a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science. Examples include everything from management, business, and security studies to statistics and, environment, sustainability, and society.


With a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, you may also choose to earn your degree with co-op work terms for more real-world experience.

Student profile

Aisha Abawaji reflects on her first year

“I have always been tech savvy and the way technology works has been a fascination of mine since I was young,” she says. “I came to computer science with absolutely no background in programming, yet thanks to the tremendous support of my professors, teaching assistants, and Faculty, I have been able to excel in my studies at Dalhousie.”

In the end, Aisha decided to apply to the Bachelor of Informatics program because it provided her the flexibility to pursue other passions while receiving a strong background in computer science.

Aisha is especially looking forward to the change in degree from Bachelor of Informatics to Applied Computer Science. She plans on taking her electives in political science, so that she can develop a minor (and a unique degree to her) that she also really enjoys. Read more.