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What will I learn?

Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science offers two undergraduate degree programs - Applied Computer Science and Computer Science - that will give you the technical know-how to navigate and succeed in our ever-changing world.

The Bachelor of Applied Computer Science is an applied program of study that will give you a deep understanding of how to develop, manage, and deploy technologies so that you can build solutions for organizations.

Program overview: BACS & BCS

BACS Management Courses

BACS Core Courses

BCS/BACS Core Courses

BCS Core Courses

BCS Math Courses

Managing Organizational Issues I Into to Web Site Creation Computer Science I Computer Organizations with Assembly Language Differential & Integral Calculus
Managing Organizational Issues II Intro to Information Security Computer Science II Design & Analysis of Algorithms Differential & Integral Calculus II
Micro Organizational Behaviour Intro to Server Side Scripting
Computer Science III Operating Systems Discrete Structures I
Management Information Systems Managing Software Development Projects Software Development Principles of Programming Languages Matrix Theory & Linear Algebra
1 - Third Year Elective, MGMT Community Outreach Project I Intro to Database Systems   Intro to Probability & Statistics
  Community Outreach Project II Intro to Software Engineering CS ELECTIVES  
  Community Outreach Project III Network Computing 2 - Third Year Electives, CSCI   
  Designing User Interfaces Concepts of Computing* 3 - Fourth Year Electives, CSCI  
  Web-Centric Computing Applications of Computing*    
  Human-Computer Interaction Communication Skills: Oral & Written    
  Advanced Database Systems Social, Ethical & Professional Issues in Computer Science