Future studies

Opportunities for future studies are wide and varied

Many students go on to further studies after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Here are a few options for advanced studies:

Alumnus profile

Making a home away from home
Samantha Babin and Don Doiron

“I chose Dal because I loved the program, it was close to Bermuda and it was sort of a familiar environment,” he says. “Halifax is big enough that you feel exposed to a different place, but the community is similar to Bermuda.”

Matthew is now comfortable enough to call Halifax home, having lived here for several years and having created meaningful relationships with Dal faculty and students.

He met his master’s supervisor, dean of Computer Science Andrew Rau-Chaplin, by taking the latter’s undergraduate course. Nova, a Bermudan company with whom Matthew worked two co-op terms for his undergraduate degree, was aware of Rau-Chaplin’s work and helped student and professor form a deeper relationship, one that now sees Matthew conducting research in Rau-Chaplin’s Risk Analytics lab. Read the rest of his story.