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Meet the Creative Working Group, based out of ShiftKey Labs
Norm Scrimger

Ben was able to recruit students from the faculties of Management, Science, Engineering and Computer Science to join his team. The Creative Working Group was tasked not only with supporting ShiftKey initiatives, but also for creating events that would increase student engagement with the lab.

“The idea was to create a group that would be a core part of the lab, where the students generate ideas that will be appealing to other students and get the opportunity to plan and promote them,” Grant says......

....Faye, an Applied Computer Science student, says the Creative Working Group experience mirrors and enhances the multidisciplinary learning in her academic program.

“It’s a bit of business, a bit of computer science, a combination of those two,” Faye says. “So it connects very well to my degree.” Read the full story.


A Computer Game for a Cause
Norm Scrimger

Mimi Cahill and her classmates have created a computer game. Unlike most games, this one was designed to help tackle one of the world’s most serious and challenging problems: the continued recruitment and use of child soldiers.

Like all students in the Applied Computer Science (formerly, Informatics) program, Mimi takes an Integrated Studies course each term that gives her the opportunity to work on a practical project. Working with teammates from her program, as well as Computer Science students (the course is cross-listed as Community Outreach for the Computer Science students), she’s made valuable contributions to several non-profit organizations. Read the full story.


Hack Attack: Dal‑Hosted ShiftKeyLabs and IBM Partner on Open Data Competition
Norm Scrimger

The Dal-hosted ShiftKey Labs and IBM teamed up to offer post-secondary students from across Nova Scotia the opportunity to find compelling, innovative uses for government data.

The “hackathon” event, held International Open Data Day (March 5), saw students using an IBM cloud-computing platform and data sets available through the Nova Scotia Government’s Open Data Portal (ODP) as they competed for $2,250 in prize money.

A team of three third- and fourth-year Computer Science and Informatics students (Dylan Pomeroy, Eric Desjardins, and Wilson Chiang) was behind the winning app, Food Piper, designed to connect customers to local restaurants.

Food Piper uses publicly-available data to locate food establishments, while also highlighting specials and package deals. The team used Bluemix’s capabilities to scrape data, quickly build a database and model it into a map suitable for a number of different devices. The team behind Food Piper intends on trying to develop their idea into a commercial product supported by ShiftKey Labs. Read more.


Supporting the Advancement of Women in their Fields
Norm Scrimger

International Women’s Day, held each March 8, is an opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women around the world. Over time, it's grown to feature a week-long series of commemorative events and activities acros Canada.

The Dalhousie Women in Technology Society (WiTS) aims to promote gender and racial equality in the university and technology sector. Over the past few years WiTS has built a strong presence in the Faculty of Computer Science, with membership increasing from less than 10 people in 2014 to more than 30 in 2016. Read the full story.