Sample courses

Dalhousie's Actuarial Science program covers a broad range of topics that give students a well-rounded understanding of assessing and managing risk using today’s latest digital technologies.

Core to the program’s curriculum are courses in mathematics, statistics, economics and computer science. The material you'll cover prepares you for an exciting career as a professional actuary – anywhere in the world.

STAT 2080
Data Analysis

This course introduces a number of techniques for data analysis and inference commonly used in the experimental sciences. Topics covered include model building in linear models, multiple regression, analysis of variance, factorial designs, analysis of covariance using the general techniques for linear models and two and three way tables along with logistic regression.

Prerequisites: STAT 1060 or STAT 2060 or Dalhousie Integrated Science Program

MATH 2600
Theory of Interest and Life Contingencies

Simple and compound interest are covered in detail. Topics include: nominal and effective rates of interest/discount, force of interest, annuities, perpetuities, and bonds.

Prerequisites: MATH 1010.03, MATH 1115.03 or MATH 1215.03

ACSC 3720
Life Contingencies I

This course introduces the student to the mathematical models for valuation of life contingencies (e.g. life insurance policies). The course covers both the statistical aspects of modelling survival data, and the financial aspects of valuing uncertain future cash-flows.

Prerequisites: STAT 3360.03/MATH 3360.03 and STAT 2600.03/MATH 2600.03