Mackenzie Griswold

A day in the life

Mackenzie Griswold


It’s a really good feeling to be faced with something, solve it, and be proven right.



After his first year at Dalhousie, Mackenzie Griswold realized math was for him and decided to explore the subject further.

 “It’s almost poetic,” says Griswold, a fourth year student in mathematics. “You’re confronted with a problem, work through it in different ways and in the end, come out with the right answer. It’s just a really good feeling to be faced with something, solve it, and be proven right.”

Griswold, a rugby player and President of the Actuarial Science Society at Dal, completed Dal’s Certificate in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and has begun taking the exams necessary to become a certified actuary.

“I took an interest in statistics and the financial side of math and I was really drawn to applied math that had a real-world connection, like Actuarial Science courses,” says Griswold. “The Theory of Interest, for example, is a really good course that deals with mortgages and compound interests. That sort of thing affects everyone’s life at some point.”

Along the way, Griswold’s background in athletics has played an important role in his degree, explaining that teamwork has helped him and others succeed in the classroom.

“You really need to come together and pool your efforts to work through some problems,” he says. “One day you’ll be asking all the questions to your group of classmates, the next day you’ll be giving all the answers. There’s a lot of helping each other out in [the Department of] Math & Stats.”

While students can help each other out, there’s always a willing tutor or professor in the Resource Centre to support students too, says Mackenzie.

“The professors are eager to help you learn what you want to know and guide you on the path that you want to take.”