Future studies

After completing your Juris Doctor (JD) degree at Dalhousie, you'll be eligible to apply to pursue a master of laws (LL.M.) degree. With an LL.M., you not only acquire a more in-depth knowledge of your area of specialization, you’ll also be qualified to teach law at a university.

The Schulich School of Law—with its diverse courses in Law and Technology, Marine and Environmental Law, Health Law and Policy and Business Law—will help you decide which area you’d like to study further.

Here are some of the options open to you after obtaining a JD degree at Dal:

Career opportunities

Lawyer. Policy maker. Consultant. The choices are nearly endless.
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A law degree can take you along many different career paths. You could choose the common route and litigate in a large firm. Or you could end up in any number of law-related fields or jobs—some of which you might never have considered. Discover the law career that's right for you.