Career opportunities

The expected career path after graduating with a degree in law is to practice as a litigator. And many graduates from the Schulich School of Law do. But you could choose to do something a little unexpected.

You might practice litigation in a large firm. But you could also practice in the community, whether here in Halifax, or in Toronto, Vancouver or elsewhere. Or you might go on to do public policy work in one of the three levels of government.

Whatever you choose to do, Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law provides you with an excellent grounding in legal theory and practice. As well, you’ll have many opportunities to apply your knowledge in community-based and institutionally supported programs—such as the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service.

The hands-on experience you get during your law studies means you’ll move into the legal profession prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Graduates from the Schulich School of Law have gone on to pursue careers as the following:

  • an entertainment lawyer
  • an environmental lawyer
  • a criminal prosecutor
  • a Supreme Court Justice

You’ll also have many alternative career options in a variety of organizations, including the following:

  • a private law firm
  • a bar association               
  • a corporation
  • government                           
  • the judiciary
  • a labour union
  • a law school
  • legal aid services                
  • a legal clinic
  • a non-profit organization
  • a school district

You might also pursue one of these law-related careers:

  • in arbitration and mediation  
  • in communications
  • in computer and technology law
  • consulting with a law firm
  • in education     
  • in law enforcement
  • in politics
  • in legal publishing and research
  • in banking and financial services

Or, you could pursue a career in an area not directly related to law:

  • as a journalist
  • as an entrepreneur                   
  • in real estate
  • as an agent in sports or other area
  • in accounting
  • in communications                   
  • in government relations and lobbying

For more information on law careers, visit the Schulich School of Law's Career Development Office (CDO) on the Faculty of Law website.

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