DDS non‑academic requirements

Dental Aptitude Test (DAT)

To be considered for admission you must complete the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) no later than February of the year of application. Results must be submitted to the Faculty of Dentistry by the testing agency. Canadian citizens residing in Canada must submit results of the Canadian Dental Association DAT. Other applicants may submit results of the American Dental Association DAT.

Your best scores on the reading comprehension, science total, perceptual ability, and manual dexterity (carving) components of repeated DATs are considered, using scores that are no more than two years old. Most successful applicants have scores of at least 15 on each component, and an average of all best scores of 20 or better.

Information regarding the Dental Aptitude Testing Program can be found on the Canadian Dental Association website or by writing to:

The Administrator, Dental Aptitude Test Program
Canadian Dental Association
1815 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, ON
KlG 3Y6

Information regarding the American Dental Aptitude Testing Program can be found online from the American Dental Association.


Applicants with the highest university grades are selected for interview. Interviews are conducted at the Faculty of Dentistry, by a team of 2-3 trained interviewers, using a structured interview format. Applicants with broad volunteer, work, and life experiences have the most to offer in an interview.


Applicants who are invited for an interview are required to submit three Confidential Evaluations, using forms provided in the application package. At least one reference must be provided by a university instructor who has taught the applicant. Other references may be from non-relatives with whom the applicant has worked or volunteered, or from community members who know the applicant.

Supplemental information

A supplemental information form outlining such things as your work and volunteer experience, group activities, and accomplishments must be submitted as part of your application package.