Apply now

Once you’re ready to apply, be sure to submit all supporting documents and supplemental forms required with your application. Things to consider when completing your application are noted in the checklist below.

Checklist: Before you apply

  1. Check the DDS academic requirements or the Qualifying Program requirements for a list of supporting documents (e.g. transcripts, letters, etc.) you’ll need to submit to the Registrar’s Office with your application.
  2. Check the non-academic requirements as well as the health requirements for admission. Be sure to include any additional forms required.
  3. Check the application deadlines for the DDS program or the Qualifying Program. Your application and all supporting documents / supplemental forms must be received by the deadlines.
  4. Check the application fee for your program. You can submit payment online (if completing the online application), or by phone, fax or mail to the Registrar’s Office.

Ready to apply?