Kerry Chambers

PhD (2008)

Dissertation title

Gambling-For-Profit in Late Modernity

Why Dal?

I chose Dalhousie because the Sociology and Social Anthropology department offered a flexible PhD program that could be tailored to a student’s goals and interests; this was crucial since I was undertaking research in the political-economic and socio-cultural aspects of gambling, a highly specialized topic. The faculty’s fields of study offered the potential for valuable insight into my subject.

What inspires me

My research interests continue in the field of ‘gambling studies,’ specifically the intersection of political-economic and sociocultural factors in the (re)production of legal gambling in late modernity.  States are increasingly looking to gambling as a source of revenue, which often requires minimizing public resistance through tactics of legitimacy building.  Whether proponents are successful and the responses to the individual and social problems that accompany gambling is contingent on different arrays of political, economic, social, and cultural features within a given jurisdiction.


  • 2011. Chambers, Kerry G.E., Gambling for Profit: Lotteries, Gaming Machines, and Casinos in Cross-National Focus, University of Toronto Press.
  • 2011. Chambers, Kerry. “An overview of the Interactive Player’s Choice System & My-Play Evaluation in the Province of Nova Scotia.” Report to the Australian Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform, March 22.

Awards, honors and conferences

  • 2011: “Can the Canadian Gambling Industry be Sustained While Minimizing Harm?” Alberta Gambling Research Institute 10th Annual Conference. April 8 - 9. Banff, Alberta.
  • 2011: Invited expert testimony - Australian Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, March 25.
  • 2003: Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship.