Susan Haydt

PhD Candidate

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  • 2011. Whelan E, Asbridge M, Haydt S. "Representations of OxyContin in North American Newspapers and Medical Journals." Pain Research and Management, 16(4): 252-258.
  • 2009. Pottie, K, Haydt S, Farrell B, Kennie N, Sellors C, Martin C, Dolovich L. “Pharmacist identity development within multidisciplinary primary health care teams in Ontario; qualitative results from the IMPACT project.” Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 5(4): 319-326.
  • 2008. Farrell, B, Pottie, K, Haydt, S, Kennie, N, Sellors, C, Dolovich, L. “Integrating into family practice: the experiences of pharmacists in Ontario, Canada.” International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 16 (5): 309-315.
  • 2008. Pottie K, Farrell B, Haydt S, Dolovich L, Sellors C, Kennie N, Hogg W, Martin C. “Integrating pharmacists into family practice teams: Physicians’ perspectives on collaborative care.” Canadian Family Physician, 54(12): 1714-1717.
  • 2008. Pottie K, Haydt S, Farrell B, Dolovich L, Sellors C, Hogg W. “The Use of Narrative Reports in Monitoring and Evaluating the Integration of Pharmacists into Family Practice Settings.” Annals of Family Medicine, 6: 161-165.

Awards, honours and conferences

  • 2012. Robin Badgley Memorial Student Award for best paper, “The Forms of Interdisciplinary Primary Care Teams in Ontario: Implications for Health Equity.” Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health Conference, Ottawa, Ontario.
  • 2008. CIHR Doctoral Research Award. “Medical Professional Associations and the Challenge of Interdisciplinary Practice.”
  • 2008. NSHRF Doctoral Student Research Award (declined). “The Medical Profession and Interdisciplinary Care Delivery in Nova Scotia.”