Serperi Sevgur

PhD Candidate

Contact information


What inspires me

My research interest lies in examining the effects of gender and class on the migration and post-migration stages of highly skilled individuals. I am also interested in how transnational and local networks are formed and sustained by immigrants in Canada.


  • MA Thesis (2012) (Dalhousie, International Development Studies): Networking, Belonging and Identity: Highly Skilled Turkish Immigrants in Halifax and Toronto.
  • Sevgur, S (in press). Is home where we fill our stomach?: A case study with Turkish
    professionals in Halifax and Toronto. In E. Tastsoglou, A. Dobrowolsky, and B. Cotrell, (Eds.), The warmth of the welcome: Is Atlantic Canada a ‘home away from home’ for immigrants. Sydney: University of Cape Breton Press. 29 pages. 

Awards, honours and conferences

  • Pilot Research Grant, Atlantic Metropolis Centre, $5,000 (2009)