Current students

Current MA students

Student Research interests
Juls Budau Harm reduction, methadone, sociospatial geographics, critical health studies
Leah Crowell
Children & youth, education, life course, social justice
Haley Farrar Health inequality, social determinants, health literacy
Tameera Mohamed
Medicalization, knowledge, reproduction, health
Shannon Ramsay
Music, ethnomethodology
Lisa Robinson
Aboriginal identity, culture & community
Shannon Ramsay Music, Ethnomethodology
Jonathan Thompson
Religion, belief, secularism, supernatural/paranormal
Max Stick
Men, sports, masculinity, quantitative methods
Jennifer Seward Agriculture, capitalism
Cassidy Sholl Social stratification & immigration integration


Current PhD students

Student Research interests
Paul Armstrong Historical sociology, subsidiarity, social economics and methodology
Diana Lewis Community-based participatory research, environmental health, Indigenous peoples, social statistics, social justice & inequality, embodiment
Sinziana Chira International students, transnational social reproduction, citizenship and education
Janine DeLorey Class politics, local food movements
Julie LaLande Labour market outcomes and higher education, job quality and longitudinal survey data (youth in transition survey)
Awang Mashabi Forestry, economy, development, environment
Lisa Dawn Redgrift Women’s reproductive health, fertility
Daniel Salas Cuba, Public culture