Meet Deborah Campbell

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Meet Deborah Campbell

Deb Campbell 214 BY 210

The program taught me to challenge and analyze things more comprehensively and productively.

Developing Skills

Our program boosted Deborah Campbell’s confidence and credibility, helped her develop skills, knowledge and competencies – and improved her ability to analyze, organize and present issues.   “However,” says Deborah, “the main selling point was the face-to-face ‘intensive’ classroom-based sessions and final exam that takes place at the end of each class.  These give you a chance to meet the professors and your classmates, while also bringing all of the material together at the end of each class."

Career Benefits

Deborah undertook her Master of Public Administration (Management) degree for a number of reasons – including Dal’s reputation and the knowledge offered within each class.  She has recently been promoted into the position of Municipal Clerk, Cape Breton Regional Municipality, and career development is another reason many students cite for becoming involved in the program.

The program went a long way to meeting Deborah’s development needs.

“I now enjoy an expanded knowledge of the enormity of the government ‘machine’, she says. “I’m also more confident in myself, my abilities and in knowing my opinion is an educated one.

“Meanwhile, the program taught me to challenge and analyze things more comprehensively and productively ... Furthermore, it gave me a better appreciation for tasks assigned to my department and how they integrate inter-departmentally and with community contacts, as well as other levels of government. 

Professional Credibility

“In addition, the credibility of my contribution at the senior management table has been enhanced. For example, my input is now being sought on briefing notes going to council. I was recently asked to prepare a report for council on the possibility of the municipality implementing alternate voting methods. The council unanimously endorsed my report,” she says.

Favourite Classes

Deborah enjoyed all her classes, though a couple stand out for her.

“I particularly enjoyed Government Structure and Organization, especially learning about the roles of senior levels of government and the examination of current policy issues,” says Deborah.

“In turn, this class is complemented very well by Business and Government – which provided me with a better understanding of how intertwined business and government really are,” she says. 


Since graduating in April 2011, Deborah has recommended the program to many other pubic service professionals, both inside and outside the municipality.

However, she’s also always careful to caution interested parties with regard to the program’s workload. “You have to make a significant personal commitment,” says Deborah. “The program certainly poses a challenge to your work-life balance. Working full time, family commitments, everyday life – all of that continues during the program. Somewhere, in all of that, you have to find 15 to 20 hours a week to dedicate to homework.

My teachers were helpful if deadlines had to be extended. Meanwhile, the support staff were phenomenal, offering support above and beyond the call of duty – especially when it came to helping me come to grips with the distance learning technology.”