Student theses


Harling, Danielle What Factors Enable Therapists To Engage In The Occupation Of Evidence-Informed Occupational Therapy Practice
Supervisor: Grace Warner
Michetti, Jennifer Occupational Therapy in Community Mental Health: Paper versus Practice
Supervisor: Crystal Dieleman
Young, Angela What Are the Facilitators and Barriers to Participation in Meaningful Occupations of Retired Community Based Older Adults?
Supervisor: Robin Stadnyk


Butler, Amy There’s Nothing Mild About It”: The Lived Experience of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) From an Occupational Perspective
Supervisor: Brenda Beagan  

Ngooi, Bi Xia Validation of Patient Activation Measure (PAM 13) among adults with cardiac conditions in Singapore
Supervisor: Tanya Packer/George Kephart
Racine, Audrée Robidas The Perspectives of Occupational Therapy Students and Occupational Therapists on their Education Preparedness to Practice with Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Supervisor: Joan Versnel
Trudelle, Martine Patients' Experience of Occupational Therapy Discharge Preparation
Supervisor: Brenda Beagan


Singh, Sanita Occupational Well-Being and Burnout in Personal Support Workers Working Long Term Care Facilities
Supervisor: Dr Grace Warner

Spear, Kristy A Scoping Review: Enabling Older Adults to Meet their Occupational Needs Through 'Staying Connected'
Supervisor: Dr Grace Warner


MacLeod, Heather Understanding Risk: Health Professionals' Decision Making with Frail Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Supervisor: Robin Stadnyk


King, Darla Occupational Therapy and Child Care Inclusion
: Dr Joan Versnel
Luck, Kerrie Occupational Transition of Smoking Cessation in Women: More than Just Butting Out
: Dr Brenda Beagan
Boutcher, Nancy Determining Client Effort: Understanding Therapists’ Practices
: Dr Brenda Beagan
Cheung, Irene How do Health Professionals’ Perceptions of the Roles of Occupational Therapists Affect Occupational Therapy Practice in Interprofessional Home Health Teams?
Supervisor: Dr Grace Warner


Phillips, Jill Are the Needs and Concerns of Computer Users as Identified Through a Participatory Ergonomic Approach Reflected in the Content of a Typical Occupational Therapy Office Ergonomic Education Presentation?
: Dr Robin Stadnyk
Cabell, Rebecca Rooting occupation in nature and community: The lived experience of community based ecological farmers
Supervisor: Dr Robin Stadnyk
Jurczak, Susan Maintaining Family Relationships Within Assisted Living Facilities for Clients with Dementia: Effects of the Physical and Social Environment
Supervisor: Dr Robin Stadnyk


Anderson (Bojkovsky), Cynthia What are the perceptions of occupational therapists who use the Short Sensory Profile in assessments for diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders?
Co-Supervisors: Dr Joan Versnel and Dr Grace Warner
Derkach, Alanna Writing Justice in the School System: An Integrative Review of Handwriting using the Framework of Occupational Justice
Co-Supervisors: Dr Joan Versnel and Dr Grace Warner
Bray, Kaelan What is the experience of Christian Occupational Therapists?
Co-Supervisors: Dr Mary Egan, Dr. Brenda Beagan


Chacala, Aneta Cultural Diversity in Ireland: The experience of Cultural Minority Occupational Therapists
Supervisor: Dr Brenda Beagan
Michel, Danielle Eating Disorders, Spirituality, and Occupation
Supervisor: Dr Brenda Beagan
Steeves, Michael The Perceived Effectiveness of Customized Mobility Equipment on Occupational Engagement for Clients in Long-Term Care through a Recycling Program
Supervisor: Dr Robin Stadnyk
Tam, Linna Occupational Therapy Shared Decision-Making in Adolescent Mental Health
Supervisor: Dr Grace Warner
Cousins, Pauline Driving as an Occupation: Examining the association between driving performance and Occupational Performance
Supervisor: Dr Anne Carswell
O'Connor-Hamilton, Mary Secondary Back Injury Prevention: Workers' Perceptions of How they Prevented Re-injury
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Mary Egan and Dr Joan Versnel


Grant, Margaret Building Bridges to Participation: How the Environment Affects Participation of Persons who have an Acquired Brain Injury
: Dr Anne Carswell
Moore, Karla  Comparison of ADL Motor and ADL Process Skill Profiles of Groups With Bipolar Disorder Depressed Episode, Bipolar Disorder Manic Episode, or Schizophrenia
: Dr Brenda Merritt
Robertson, Dianna Construction and Evaluation of a Driving Task for Inclusion in the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)
Co-Supervisors: Dr Anne Carswell, Dr. Anne Fisher
Rutledge, Lynn Focusing the Lens of Clinical Decision Making by Occupational Therapists in Ontario’s Auto Sector
: Dr Susan Rappolt, Dr. Joan Versnel
Wicks-Nicholls, Catherine Meaningful Experiences of Occupational Therapists in Mental Health Practice
Supervisor: Dr. Reg Urbanowski