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Course offerings for 2018-2021

Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy consistently offers stimulating classes that allow you to build on your existing strengths and skills.

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Please note: Classes may be cancelled due to low enrolment

Fall Term 2019
OCCU 5020 Graduate Seminar and Practicum
OCCU 6508 Chronic Condition Management
Winter Term 2020
OCCU 5020 Graduate Seminar and Practicum
OCCU 6509 Aging and Continuing Care
Spring Term 2020

OCCU 5041

Evidence - Based Occupational Therapy
Fall Term 2020 

OCCU 5050

Public Dialogue on Occupations and Enablement

Combine your credits, with no extra fees

You may be eligible to complete two courses of the MSc (OT) - Post-Professional program outside of Dalhousie University. If you are interested in this option you need to contact the Post-Professional Coordinator for a letter of permission.  

Please note: you must achieve a grade of B- or higher in the class and submit a detailed course outline before enrolling. Learn more

Transfer credits

You may submit a request to transfer credits from a different field or university as long as they haven’t been used towards another degree. A maximum of one full credit (or two half credits) with a grade of A- or higher will be considered for transfer on individual review of transcripts and full class descriptions by the MSc (OT) - Post-Professional program secretary. All transfers are subject to approval by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

To request a transfer credit, please submit your request to the MSc (OT) - Post-Professional program secretary, along with your application package and a full course description.