Brennan  MacDonald

MSc(OT – Post-Professional) Student


Looking for a change

When I signed up for Dalhousie's MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program I was ready for change and realized this degree was an excellent path toward building on and refreshing my career. I have been an occupational therapist for 12 years and found the career to be diverse and rewarding. As time has progressed, I realized that I have the desire and skills to be a leader in healthcare.

The MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program offers a flexible and affordable educational experience with highly regarded clinicians, academics and researchers in occupational therapy, occupational science and related fields.

Expanding my practice

I am learning how to enable occupations at levels beyond the individual, such as public and not-for-profit health programs and institutions. I am learning skills that will open doors to a more effective private practice. These are the reasons I know that this program was best choice for me.

Making time

When I am not studying or working in an outpatient mental health group therapy program, my time is quickly booked! I coach and volunteer with the local soccer club, fish, paddle, bike ride, parent, spend time with my wife, camp and finally relax in the (late) evenings.

I try to live the motto “if you want something done, ask someone who’s busy”. Most of the course work for the program doesn’t feel like work, which makes it much easier to fit into life. The bulk of the work is done in the quiet of the late night or early morning with a few hours on a Friday or the weekend when necessary. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easily the course work has found a niche in my life! The orientation for the program engaged my sense of belonging to the university and  my classmates, who have been instrumental in my achievements in the program so far.