How to apply

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The application process involves sending your documents and payment information to the appropriate offices by the designated deadline.

Registrar’s Office

  • Faculty of Graduate Studies application form
  • application fee (amount and instructions on the form above)

School of Occupational Therapy

Application deadlines

  • Fall Term: June 1
  • Winter Term: October 31
  • Spring Term: February 28

International student deadlines are 2 months earlier for all terms.  To be considered for funding, full-time students should apply by January 31 for admission to the Spring/Summer or Fall semesters.

Start dates

If you are accepted, you have the option of starting the program in either the Winter, Spring or Fall terms.

Transfer credits

You may submit a request to transfer credits from a different field or university as long as they haven’t been used towards another degree. A maximum of one full credit (or two half credits) with a grade of A- or higher will be considered for transfer on individual review of transcripts and full class descriptions by the MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program secretary. All transfers are subject to approval by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

To request a transfer credit, please submit your request to the MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program secretary, along with your application package and a full class description.

English language competency

If your native language is not English, you must demonstrate your ability to pursue a graduate-level program in English before you will be admitted.

You may not have to do a language competency test if you have completed a degree at a recognized university where the language of instruction is English. This must be verified by the Dalhousie Registrar's Office.

For more information, please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies admission requirements


Contact the MSc(OT – Post-Professional) program secretary at or (902) 494-8804.