Garrett Jung

MPA '17

Current location

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Master of Public Administration
Bachelor of Management

Current employment

Executive Coordinator, Department of Business and Department of Energy, Government of Nova Scotia

Background & education:

My Bachelor of Management exposed me to the four schools, and pillars, of our faculty. I truly believe that being exposed to four different groups allowed me to better understand myself and what I’d like to pursue as a career. Working for citizens was a big draw to the public service.

My Master of Public Administration helped me understand the theory behind government structure and gave me the tools to complete daily responsibilities. It helped guide me in the direction of becoming a responsible public servant.

How did you get to your current position?

I completed two 4-month internships, through the School of Public Administration, at the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services. With that experience, I was the successful applicant for a position at the Departments of Business and Energy after graduation.

What skills did Dal help you develop?

Dal helped me understand the inner workings and structure of the public sector and allowed me to critically think about issues and how to best formulate solutions. It laid the foundation of skills for me to build upon and taught me the ethics of being a responsible civil servant. It prepared me with the tools and techniques to accomplish any tasks or duties I might undertake in the civil service.

What’s your next big career goal?

Continue learning and developing my skills to create good public policy. A future move to a policy analyst position would be interesting.

How was your experience in the MPA internship program?

Great! I felt I learned a lot and was properly prepared to enter and contribute to the public service. But the best part was meeting peers who had the same career aspirations and interests as me. It’s refreshing to be a part of a small group that’s working towards the same goals.

Any advice for future MPA students?

Find a great internship and study abroad if you can! Those experiences are rare and so valuable.