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Course textbooks

Textbooks for the courses in the Internetworking program are mandatory. If purchased new at our university bookstore, the estimated cost for the textbooks is $1,000. However, you do not have to purchase them at our bookstore and may wish to search for used textbooks to save money.

Below is a list of textbooks you will need for courses in the Internetworking program.

INWK 6111: Introduction to Computer Networks
Textbook: Data & Computer Communications (10th edition)
Author: William Stallings
ISBN#: 9780133506488
Publisher: Prentice Hall

INWK 6211: Mathematics for Internetworking
No textbook. (See instructor's website for more information.) 

INWK 6112: Physical and Data Link Standards and Protocols
Textbook: To be advised

INWK 6114: Internet Communication Protocols       
Textbook (possibly a new volume): TCP/IP Illustrated, The Protocols Vol. 1
Author: W. Richard Stevens
ISBN#: 0-201633469
Publisher: Addison Wesley (Pearson)

INWK 6115: Network Architecture
Textbook: No textbook on file, see professor's recommended references:
Interconnections:  Bridges, Routers, Switches and Internetworking Protocols - 2nd Ed., by Radia Perlman - ISNB 02015344481
Business Data Communications and Networking by Jerry FitzGerald and Alan Dennis
Routing TCP/IP by Jeff Doyle and Jennifer Carrol

INWK 6113: Telecommunication and Wide Area Networks
Reference Textbooks:
Fundamentals of Telecommunications
by Roger L. Freeman
Digital Telephony
by John C. Bellamy
Telecommunication Switching and Networks 
by P. Gnanasivam
Voice over IP Fundamentals 
by Jonathan Davidson

INWK 6119: Network Security
Textbook (for reference only): Network Security: Private Communications in a Public World
Author: Kaufman, Perlman & Speciner
ISBN: 0-13-061466-1
Publisher: Prentice Hall Series in Computer Networking and Distributed Systems 

INWK 6117: Emerging Network Technologies
Textbook: No textbook on file 

INWK 6912: Network Design
Textbook: To be advised