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Class representatives

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The Master of Engineering in Internetworking degree program class representatives assist in the information and communication exchange between the Administrative Office and the Internetworking students.  They are the voices of the students and they attend scheduled representative program meetings, as well as, meetings amongst themselves and communicate the meeting outcomes to their class and when necessary the Internetworking Administrative Office.  They work to represent the class in a fair and objective manner.  They may also organize extra-curricular activities for their fellow classmates and assist with broadcasting special announcements to the class, welcome and thank guest speakers, and ensure proper set-up and operation of the AV equipment in their appointed classrooms.

Current Class Representatives

2015/16 September Student Cohort:

Amandeep Singh Sadioura

2015/16 January Student Cohort:

Srinath Murali

2016/17 September Student Cohort:

Anushree Narayanan

2016/17 January Student Cohort:

Praveen Kumar Porumalla