Meet Carolyn Finney

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Meet Carolyn Finney

Carolyn Finney 214 by 210 V2

The subject material dealt with relevant, real world scenarios that were often in the news. -- C. Finney, Government of Canada

Broadening her knowledge

Federal public servant Carolyn Finney was concerned her lack of IT literacy would leave her overwhelmed by our program’s blended learning model.

Soon after starting, however, Carolyn realized she had all the support she needed.

Says Carolyn: “My interest in information management began while I was working in my employer’s Informatics Section. I decided to broaden my knowledge, but realized the classes available through the government were too narrow for my needs.

“So, when I found out about Dal’s Master of Information Management program, I was thrilled. I could tell straight away that the classes were relevant and topical – and fitted in well with the direction I wanted to move in professionally.

“Meanwhile, the idea of being able to complete the degree online and on a part-time basis meant I wouldn’t need to take a career break.

Online learning

“I did have a few reservations though. I was concerned I’d be too isolated from my professors and my fellow students. And given that I’m not an ‘IT person’, the idea of studying online was a bit overwhelming.

“However, I soon discovered I wasn’t isolated at all. Dal’s Blackboard Learning System connects you to your professors. It allows them to post questions from our readings – and then allows us to post comments.

“This often sparks debates online, especially when it comes to hot topics such as the way large organizations approach social media and privacy. The system also allows you to continue your discussions within a chat room.

“Meanwhile, I didn’t need to worry about being tech-savvy – as I soon realized technical support was available whenever I needed it.

Face-to-face learning

“Once each class is complete, you’re then encouraged to come together for the face-to-face part of the class. These ‘intensives’ offer a great opportunity to connect names to faces and to discuss information management and knowledge management issues on a deeper and more intimate level.

“The intensives are also a great chance to begin building a nationwide network of mid-career professionals who are working in the same field as you.


“Before starting the degree, I’d also been concerned about whether I’d be motivated enough to put the time and energy into the program after a long, hard day of work.

“However, that fear also proved groundless – as the subject material was interesting and dealt with relevant, real world scenarios that were often in the news.


“In addition, the subject material was very relevant to my job. For example, the last class I completed taught me to design a website that could help improve processes within my section at work if developed further. This meant I was able to use web design standards to present a prototype to my manager with a software program that took me a very short time to learn.”