Delve into health informatics research

A thesis is a great way to pursue your interest in a specific topic of health informatics. Through a thesis, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • conduct research that makes a positive impact towards improving healthcare
  • design, develop and test innovative health informatics solutions
  • work with state-of-the-art health informatics technologies
  • deepen and enrich your scholarly knowledge
  • make an original contribution to the growing field of health informatics research
  • develop research and development skills that employers are looking for to drive innovation in healthcare

Writing a master’s thesis is a significant achievement that highlights your contribution to the field of health informatics. Your work may be published in international health informatics journals and conferences, which will give your international recognition and open new doors for you in your career.

Choosing a topic

The topic you select should have health as the focus and information technology as the enabler. See what topics others have chosen for their theses.

Eligibility to do a thesis

Find out the requirements you must meet if you'd like to do a thesis.

More information

Read the step-by-step process of doing a thesis.