Resources & facilities

Equipped to succeed

While doing your Master in Health Informatics, you’ll have easy access to the resources you need to succeed:

  • research-active supervisors to guide you
  • pertinent research topics
  • health informatics research labs
  • library for the latest research publications in journals, conferences and books
  • health informatics software
  • health data standards and coding tools
  • health IT professionals
  • health IT setups within the hospitals and industry
  • scholarships offered by various government agencies
  • research assistantships (subject to availability)

Solving real-world problems

Your health informatics supervisor has knowledge and access to real-world health informatics projects. As a student, you will be exposed to these projects as you work towards solving a real-world problem. Not only will your work be hands-on and practical, it will also be gratifying to know that your research will make a real difference to the healthcare system.