Selena Davis (MHI'06)

Educational background

  • BEd (University of Western Ontario)
  • BSc (University of Waterloo)

Current position

  • Principal, Selena Davis & Associates, Health Informatics Consulting
  • PhD student in Health Informatics, University of Victoria

Q: What are you most passionate about as it relates to what you do now?

A: I am passionate about empowering patients to manage their health via access to their electronic record of comprehensive healthcare data, the apt use of behaviour change strategies and clinical decision support to assist with timely healthcare decisions and disease self-management. I am also passionate about the quality of the data within healthcare records on which relevant and timely decisions can be made.

Q: How did you end up where you are today?

A: Upon completion of my master’s degree at Dalhousie, I completed the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Professional in Health Information Management Systems (CPHIMS-CA) credentials.

I was presented with an Individual Innovator Award by the Kootenay Association of Science and Technology based on my research and development of PULSE, an innovative web-based tool which personalizes patient education for the management of cardiovascular disease risk.

I also opened a health informatics consulting firm. In addition to my professional work in the industry, I have engaged in the next phase of my academic research career, a PhD in Health Informatics.  

Q: What are some of the neatest things you've been involved with in your career so far?

A: Managing and directing EMR adoption in the province of BC, including co-developing a provincial EMR implementation and transition support program and clinical usability and standard initiative for physicians. I helped accomplish a change in EMR adoption in BC from the nearly 15% adoption rate in 2008 to the current >85% in 2014.

Q: What has Dal's MHI program meant to your career? You?

A: It provided me with a memorable and extremely rewarding professional and personal experience.

Q: What has really stuck with you from your time in Dal's MHI program?

A: The importance and relevance of key attributes like perseverance, passion, comfort with the unknown and supportive relationships to one’s success.