Professional Development

The MHA Professional Development Certificate

The ELEMENT mentoring program and 4-month residency afford MHA students excellent opportunities to develop professional skills and networks, but we also offer a stand-alone Professional Development Certificate. 

Run by AHAS, our student council, under the guidance of our Executive in Residence, students who complete 8 creditable experiences will earn an additional certificate on their graduation certificate.  

There are two mandatory events to attend in order to gain the certificate: an induction event, and a further roundtable, networking event. 
There are then three types of activity which can be credited towards the certificate:
  1. AHAS' own events - these are created specifically for MHA students and are of direct relevance to the development of the professional self. 
  2. AHAS-recognised events - these are activities, perhaps taking place in the wider University or within industry, which AHAS recommends to students as activities with a clear PD value.
  3. Non-sanctioned events - if an MHA student undertakes an activity they feel is relevant to their professional development, they can submit an approval to AHAS and gain credit for the activity.  In some cases, they may need to submit a reflection of some form: it will depend on the nature of the event. 

With the focus being very much on student-led initiatives, networking and collaboration, the PD Certificate is both a valuable and fun addition to a graduating certificate, and your resume.