Certificate in Legal Matters in Health Administration

Advanced knowledge of healthcare law

Law plays a vital role in healthcare—but it’s an intricate and ever-evolving one. Today’s healthcare leaders must be comfortable working within increasingly complex legal terrain.

The Certificate in Legal Matters in Health Administration will help you navigate this elaborate web of legal rights and responsibilities.

You can complete this optional certificate at the same time as the Master of Health Administration (MHA). MHA students choosing not to complete the certificate will select from a range of other elective courses.

Study the intersection of law and healthcare

As a healthcare professional, you’re often expected to be knowledgeable about and comply with legal requirements pertaining to your particular institution and role. This certificate will better equip you to operate within the highly regulated health sector—a distinct asset to your organization.

The certificate provides critical knowledge about fundamental legal principles relevant to healthcare managers and executives. Areas covered include:

  • the organization of the Canadian legal system
  • health system governance
  • institutional governance
  • regulation of health professionals
  • tort liability of health institutions, administrative staff, and health professionals
  • mental health law
  • public health law
  • and many others

Course requirements

MHA students wishing to receive this certificate must complete these 4 courses:

  • HESA 6360: Healthcare Law
  • HESA 6361: Business Law for Health Administrators
  • HESA 6362: Advanced Healthcare Law
  • HESA 6366: Health Law and Policy: Current Issues I
  • HESA 6367: Health Law and Policy: Current Issues II

This certificate is only available to students completing an MHA.

If you’re interested in taking the certificate, you’ll be given an opportunity at the beginning of the program to declare the MHA+. You can opt out of the certificate and complete the regular MHA course of study at any time.

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