Academic expertise meets practical experience

MEC students gain well-rounded insight on electronic commerce and apply this insight to industry and solving cutting-edge research problems.

Whether they are discovering new methods in social media analytics, solving financial forecasting problems or analyzing policy implications of enterprise software, MEC research blends multidisciplinary academic research to solve practical problems.

Since the Master of Electronic Commerce program was started in 2000, the internet has undergone radical changes. Despite these changes, the Dalhousie approach to electronic commerce has resulted in a number of research strengths that have been influential in developing new internet technologies, solving problems for organizations across the globe, and spawning startup companies. 

Our research strengths include:

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics applied to web data and social media
  • Machine learning for psychological and behavioural analytics
  • Web architecture and policy for the perseveration of online privacy
  • The application of emerging web technologies to current issues in business
  • Dissemination of Canadian internet law and its application to business or policy issues in international markets

Regardless of the chosen research stream, the research component is a tremendous asset to students hoping to apply their skills as an e-commerce professional.