Program Structure

A student studying full time should expect to finish the Dalhousie Master of Electronic Commerce (MEC) in two years. It is possible to finish early if all requirements are satisfied, but tuition must still be paid.

The courses are usually taken during the terms Fall-1, Winter-1, and Fall-2, while the terms Summer-1, Winter-2, and Summer-2 are used for internships or individually-supervised research.

The first eight months

Fall-1 term

The program starts regularly each fall. Several specific core courses for electronic commerce are offered each fall term. A full-time student is expected to take the following four courses that are designed to equip all MEC students with a general knowledge of electronic commerce:

If a student has a strong background in one of the three foundational areas, one of the courses ECMM 6010, 6020, or 6030 can be waived and the student takes an elective course instead.

Winter-1 term

The second term is dedicated to more specific studies leading to the specialization of each student. A full course load consists of four courses: ECMM 6040 (Research Methods) and three electives from the faculties of Computer Science, Management or Law. Electives must be from at least two separate subjects.

Research and internships

The research component features three options:

Internships are for students who decide to take the research paper or project stream. Learn more about internships.

Program Structure Overview