Gabriella Profile

Educational background

  • Master of Electronic Commerce, Dalhousie University
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Clayton State University
  • Associate's degree, Liberal Arts, Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo

Current position

  • Dalhousie University PhD student & lecturer in Computer Science
  • Freelance Web Developer  

Gabriella began her studies with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree in the United States. Upon finishing her degree in 2005, there were only three Master of Electronic Commerce degrees in the world.  Between the technical material infused with business and legal content, being the only program that offered course flexibility and the opportunity to study with Computer Science, Management and Law professors; Dalhousie was the obvious choice for her.

During her time in the Master of Electronic Commerce program, Gabriella continued her research interests in electronic services and the public sector. After completing her MEC thesis “e-Government in Ecuador: Plans, Problems and Solutions”, she began a successful web development consulting practice, which she continues to this day. She cites the MEC environment as a key factor in her success. “Professors at Dal see your potential.”

Today, Gabriella is completing her PhD in Computer Science at Dalhousie and is a Lecturer with the faculty. She looks forward to continuing her consulting practice and sharing her experiences with students.