Ardi Iranmanesh

Ardi Square

Educational background

  • Master of Electronic Commerce (Dalhousie University)
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Dalhousie University)

Current position

Ardi's story began in 2004 when he left his own venture in his home country of Iran. Thanks to his entrepreneurial experiences, he recognized that businesses in the 21st century were increasingly turning to analytics and data to compete.

After moving to Halifax to enroll in Dalhousie's Management program, Ardi realized that he had a passion for understanding the data around business. In order to learn how to get insight from data, he considered studying Computer Science.

After doing research on graduate programs, Ardi chose Dalhousie's Master of Electronic Commerce. He recognized that the MEC program offered a unique environment to learn skills around working with data and to apply these skills to real-world problems through internship opportunities. Having the ability to study courses in business administration and computer science gave him the edge to think critically about business problems, while policy courses prepared him for challenges often faced by software companies.

After graduating from the MEC program, Ardi went on to be a founding member of Affinio Inc. Today, he plays a central role in the development of Affinio's marketing and sales analytics engine. 

Thanks in part to the unique insight he gained during his time within the program, Ardi is able to deliver a product to customers across the globe.