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Dalhousie University prides itself on world-class, award-winning faculty who bring innovative teaching methods into the classroom. Many members of the three faculties participate in the MEC program through teaching courses and/or guiding and supervising students in their research. Below are some of the former Directors of the program, members of the MEC Executive Committee and instructors.

Faculty of Computer Science Faculty of Law Faculty of Management
Peter Bodorik Robert Currie Michael Bliemel
Qigang Gao Steve Coughlan Colin Conrad
Vlado Keselj Michael Deturbide Angelo Dossou-Yovo
Yannick Marchand David Fraser Hossam Ali-Hassan
Michael McAllister   Ed Leach
Andrew Rau-Chaplin   David Roach
Srinivas Sampalli   Jeffrey Roy
Thomas Trappenberg    
Carolyn Watters    
Jacek Wolkowicz    
Nur Zincir-Heywood