More Affordable Than You Think


Business leaders are always asking about return on investment. Are you going to get more back than you put in? Investing now in your MBA could result in a higher salary and better career options when you graduate.

The average starting salary of graduates is at least double their previous earnings and the average corporate residency income is $29,000.

An eight-month work term gives you time to make a lasting impression. Many of our students are offered full-time positions by their corporate residency employers. Typically over 89% are employed within six months of graduation, with an average starting salary of $69,939, a 238% increase from their pre-program compensation.

View graphic of post-grad employment stats for the CRMBA Class of 2022


Tuition fees are administered by Student Accounts and are paid in two installments prior to your residency and two installments in your final year of the program following your residency.

Approximation of full tuition costs based on 2022/2023 Academic Year:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident (Nova Scotia): $60,429
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident (out of province): $62,995
  • International / Visa student: $101,588

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  • Queries about tuition costs and fees should be directed to Student Accounts at
  • For information on additional scholarships, bursaries, and Canadian and U.S. student loans, visit Dalhousie’s Money Matters website.

Financial assistance

Scotiabank is a key Employer Partner of the Corporate Residency MBA program, hiring more residency students than any other employer to date. The bank also partners with our team to provide financial assistance to students. Scotiabank has developed an attractive package of banking benefits to help you finance your education, manage your cash flow and ensure that repaying your student loan is not a burden during your transition from student to working professional. While in school, loan interest payments are deferred provided you are within your credit limit. After your studies have ended, you can start making principal payments as your income increases.​

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Corporate Residency MBA scholarships

Douglas C. Mackay Scholarship

The Douglas C. Mackay Entrance Scholarships ($5,000–$15,000 per award) are awarded to our top incoming CRMBA students. Applicants interested in being considered for this scholarship must submit the CRMBA Scholarship Application, an online application, application fee, and all required application documents before December 8, 2023 (for international applicants) and April 26, 2024 (for domestic applicants). CRMBA Scholarship Application [PDF–136 kB] can be submitted by email to

Dalhousie CRMBA Promise Scholars Program

The Dalhousie CRMBA Promise Scholars program offers $20,000 ($10,000/per year) to two Indigenous or African Canadian students, with preference given to Mi’kmaq or African Nova Scotian applicants who have attained an undergraduate degree in the last 5 years. The Promise Scholars program aligns with Dalhousie’s commitment to admit, engage, support and graduate a diverse student body, with attention to enhancing access and success of historically underrepresented students. This studentship will provide financial resources, work and internship experiences, and dedicated academic and career mentoring. If you self-identify as Indigenous or African Canadian, please fill out a CRMBA Scholarship Application and complete the program application including supporting documents prior to April 26, 2024 (fourth round of admissions). CRMBA Scholarship Applications may be submitted by email to

Read more about Dalhousie's Diversity & Inclusiveness Strategy.

Hugh Sanderson MBA Bursary

The Hugh Sanderson MBA Bursary will annually fund a $5,000 bursary to one student in the Corporate Residency MBA program. Funds may be directed to the costs associated with the program, which may or may not include tuition, and be at the discretion of the recipient. Applicants must demonstrate strong academic standing and financial need. Preference will be given to a student who has been involved with the Scouting movement in some capacity or can demonstrate an active interest in the outdoors and community.

Sandler Training Program

Each year, three second-year MBA students have the opportunity to participate in Sandler Training’s one-year President’s Club [PDF–441 kB] business development program and the one-year Strategic Sales Management [PDF–1 MB] program. Please note that this scholarship is applied for and awarded during the students' first year of the program.

More information

  • Queries about the scholarships listed above should be directed to the Corporate Residency MBA Admissions Team at or 902-494-1814.
  • For information on additional scholarships, bursaries and Canadian and U.S. student loans, visit Dalhousie’s Money Matters website.