Program Structure

Year one

Summer semester (June to August)

Year one of the Corporate Residency MBA program begins with pre-course work and an orientation in late June. The balance of the summer is spent completing five core courses. These provide students with a new appreciation for the world of business and give them the fundamental competencies essential for success in today’s business world. As well, students benefit from personal and professional effectiveness sessions designed to help prepare them for securing their corporate residencies.

Fall semester (September to December)

In the fall of year one are six more core courses plus an integrative session that challenges students to fully integrate all learning to date. Faculty members and Employer Partners work together on these sessions to ensure the highest level of learning and job preparation.

Corporate Residency (January to August)

Year one continues in January with paid corporate residencies—extended placements with leading employers—refining the concepts and skills acquired in the classroom and putting them into practice in a corporate setting. The academic learning continues during this period with an online course. Similarly, Personal and Professional Effectiveness during the corporate residencies includes innovative action learning groups. Year one ends with an intensive debriefing of the corporate residencies to harvest the important learnings and celebrate student successes.

Year two

Fall and Winter semesters (September to April)

In the fall and winter terms, students complete the five remaining core courses. Additionally, seven electives are required to complete the final year. Elective courses can include directed studies that will be developed with a faculty member. The official completion of the MBA occurs at the May convocation.

View the CRMBA Area of Focus Electives.

Program at a glance

Year 1
Pre-program (May/June)
The Corporate Residency MBA Office will distribute information related to moving to Halifax, course registration, textbooks, pre-course materials, and resources & assessments.
Year 1 
(Late June to August)
Intensive courses: 
BUSI 5703 Business Economics
BUSI 5103 Business Accounting
BUSI 5503 Quantitative Decision Making
BUSI 6900 Corporate Responsibility, Ethics & Society
BUSI 5000 Introduction to Personal & Professional Effectiveness (PPE)
Year 1
(Sept to Dec)
BUSI 5201 Financial Management
BUSI 5401 Marketing Management
BUSI 5512 Leveraging Technology
BUSI 5801 International Business
BUSI 5551
Operations Management
BUSI 5003
PPE I: Self-Management & Engagement
Integrative #1 (Mid-Fall)
Year 1
Winter, Spring & Summer
BUSI 7000 Corporate Residency (8-month paid work experience)
BUSI 5305 Managing People (online; January to April)
Corporate Residency Debrief (Early September)
Year 2
(Sept to Dec)
MGMT 5000 Management Without Borders
BUSI 6000 Strategy & Competitiveness
Electives #1, 2, 3
BUSI 5004
PPE II: Creativity & Complexity
Year 2
(Jan to April)
BUSI 6005 Strategy Implementation
Electives #4, 5, 6, 7
BUSI 5004
PPE Capstone: Leading & Influencing