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Our program’s unique team of experienced scientists, engineers and industry experts covers all aspects of nanophotonics device theory, design, implementation, technology, testing, product development, commercialization, business issues, pricing and marketing.

J. Stewart Aitchison

A professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto, Dr. Aitchison leads a research group of 15 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who work on optical integration, nonlinear guided wave devices, and optical biosensors. He has held the Nortel Institute Chair in Emerging Technology and was the director of the Emerging Communications Technology Institute. The author of more than 250 refereed journal papers, Dr. Aitchison is a fellow of:

•    The Institute of Physics

•    The Optical Society of America

•    The Royal Society of Canada 

•    The American Association of the Advancement of Science. 

Phone: +1 416-946-7349


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Peter Allen

A professor of mechanical engineering at Dalhousie, Dr. Allen conducts applied research, design, development, manufacture and product export in solar energy utilization. He has been on an advisory committee to the Federal Government on renewable energy.

Phone: +1 902-494-3299


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Michael Cada

Dr. Cada studied with A.M. Prokchorov, a Nobel Prize Laureate for Physics. A former Canada Research Chair in Integrated Active Photonics, he has attracted more than C$10 million in research funds; published more than 250 refereed articles, conference papers and industrial reports; supervised more than 200 highly qualified personnel – and set up a high-tech company. Dr. Cada is a principal investigator in a European Union nanotechnology training project that has recently attracted more than C$2 million in funding.

Phone: +1 902-494-6074


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Alan Fine

Dr. Fine is an adjunct professor in the Department of Physics at Atlanta’s Emory University in Georgia (US) and an honorary reader at University College London (UK). He has been pioneering the development of new imaging instrumentation for cellular function. Dr. Fine has a large number of publications with more than 3,000 citations, and is founder of a high-tech start-up.

Phone: +1 902-494-1251


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Ian Hill

A former technical staff member at Sarnoff Corporation, Dr. Hill is an internationally recognized expert in photoelectron spectroscopies and transport measurements. He has conducted widely-cited studies of charge injection, transport and exciton binding energies in organic semiconductor nanosystems at Princeton University. He holds nine patents and has published numerous papers in high quality refereed journals.

Phone: +1 902-494-3897


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Laurent Kreplak

Associate professor Kreplak studies the link between structure and mechanical properties in biological systems. He is particularly interested in self-assembled protein filaments such as collagen fibrils, intermediate filaments and myosin thick filaments. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation have jointly provided him with a C$450,000 grant to establish a near-field optical microscopy platform.

Phone: +1 902-494-8435


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Yuan Ma 

Dr. Ma, an assistant professor in Dalhousie’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a leading researcher in the manufacture of micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) mirrors. The winner of a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada University Faculty Award, Dr. Ma worked as a scientist at JDS Uniphase Corporation for six years. She holds 10 patents and is the author of widely-cited refereed publications.

Phone: +1 902-494-6129


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Marek Wartak

Dr. Wartak is a professor in the Department of Physics and Computer Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, an adjunct professor in the Physics Department at University of Waterloo and a member of the Guelph Waterloo Physics Institute (all of which are in the Canadian province of Ontario). An expert in theoretical and numerical understanding of nanostructured semiconducting materials required for applications in communications and solar cells, Dr. Wartak has had strong links to applications and related business and entrepreneurship aspects of his research. He is a member of the NEXT advisory board on technology and nascent entrepreneurship research. 

Phone: +1 519-884-1970 ext. 2436


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Ke Wu

A professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, Dr. Wu is a world-renowned expert in areas of millimeter waves, photonic devices, quasi-optical circuit and system applications and also energy conversion. He has published more than 500 papers in international refereed journals.

Phone: +1 514-340-4711 ext. 5991


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