Career opportunities

With a Diploma in Meteorology (D.Met), you’ll be qualified for dynamic positions in both the public and private sectors. The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) maintains a list of advertisements for careers in meteorology.

After completing the D.Met program, depending on the qualitifications needed, you could pursue a career as

  • a storm chaser
  • an aviation program manager
  • a broadcaster
  • an environmental engineer

Or, you could find a position as a meteorologist with one of these employers:

  • The Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC), a division of Environment Canada, is responsible for weather forecasts, observations, and climate research. To work as a meteorologist at MSC, you must have a diploma in meteorology.
  • The Weather Network (Toronto, Ontario) is a cable TV station serving weather information to millions of people every week. See the Weather Network’s careers page for available positions.
  • AMEC Earth and Environmental is a full-service environmental consulting firm. See their careers page.
  • Oceans Ltd., based in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, specializes in marine meteorology.
  • Scotia Weather Services, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, provides weather forecasting and environmental consulting.


Blue skies ahead for recent D.Met graduate
Kevin_Schroeder_DMet_2_27999 (2)

Kevin Schroeder, a recent graduate from Dal's Diploma in Meteorology Program, plans to use his degree in a career as an air traffic controller with Canada's Air Force. Find out why Kevin believes having a D.Met will help him achieve his career goals.