Why choose Meteorology at Dal?

Do you check the weather every morning before you go outside? Have you often looked up at the sky, watching unusual cloud patterns form? Are you fascinated by reports of extreme weather events here in Canada and around the globe? Doing the Diploma in Meteorology (D.Met.) at Dalhousie will allow you to explore in depth your interests in weather and atmospheric phenomena.

Weather forecasts provide the information we need to plan activities—and a timely report of severe weather can save lives and millions of dollars. Recently, the weather has become an even greater concern worldwide, as more people recognize that climate change has the potential to alter familiar precipitation patterns.

With Dal's one-year Diploma in Meteorology, the only program of its kind in Atlantic Canada, you’ll gain a strong background in atmospheric science—training you for a career as a forecaster or preparing you for studies at the graduate level.

Program details

Diploma in Meteorology

Program Options

  • Take the one-year Diploma in Meteorology (D.Met)  after completing a three-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or another quantitative subject area in the Faculty of Science.
  • Or, take the D.Met as part of a four-year BSc with a Major in Physics.


  • enrolment in a four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics
  • or completion of a three-year BSc in Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry

Application Deadline and Program Dates

Application deadlines for 2017/18

  • August 15 - Deadline to apply to the Diploma in Meteorology program

Other important program dates

Class Size

  • 10 to 15 students in the core courses

Tuition Fees

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Residence & Housing

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Housing options

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  • Dorm-style, traditional residences
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