Inside the classroom

If you’re combining a Diploma in Meteorology (D.Met) with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics, you’ll take a range of exciting courses. Our profs are keen to pass on their knowledge through explanations and demonstrations not just in lectures, but also in labs. From the internal forces of objects to thermodynamics, you’ll gain insights into a variety of everyday phenomena in our physical world.

The nine courses you’ll take in the Diploma in Meteorology program will give you hands-on opportunities to learn about the atmosphere and its effect on us.

In Synoptic Meteorology, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of atmospheric dynamics and weather processes. After learning meteorological theory, you’ll apply your knowledge using modern computer and statistical methods, as well as satellite and radar remote sensing.

And be prepared for a lot of math in Atmospheric Physics courses. From calculating the pressure in a snorkler's lungs to determining the increase in thermal energy between the two air parcels, you'll learn how important physics is to our understanding of the atmosphere—and its effect on us.

Inside the Synoptic Meteorology classroom

Applying knowledge
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Synoptic Meteorology was Kevin Schroeder's favourite course in the D.Met program. Besides making him feel like a "real meteorologist" because of the things he learned and the technologies he used, Kevin also liked the instructor. Read his story and find out why.

"Synoptics was such a cool course!"