Kevin Schroeder talks about fourth year

A day in the life

Kevin Schroeder talks about fourth year

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Synoptic Meteorology was such a cool course! It was the first time I really felt like a meteorologist.

Ready for takeoff

Growing up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Kevin Schroeder loved winter weather predictions for more snowfall. “Most people hate getting more snow. But I was always excited!”

Not because he loved to throw snowballs—he’s just always been interested in the weather. “My mom used to make fun of me for watching the Weather Channel,” he adds, laughing.

But now, his mom and the rest of his family are excited that he’s about to graduate from Dalhousie with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Diploma in Meteorology. And Kevin seems pretty excited too: “It’s been great to be able to do them concurrently,” he says. “Some of the courses can count towards both degrees.”

Maybe Kevin just likes to multi-task. He’s also in Canada’s Air Force and, during the summers, he’s been working towards completing his military training. “I’ll use my meteorology skills in my career as an air traffic controller,” Kevin explains. “For one thing, I’ll provide briefings to pilots on weather conditions—especially turbulence—before they head out on flights or training exercises.”

And though the Air Force will train him further in air traffic control, Kevin believes his studies at Dal have helped prepare him: “I’ll have a better background going into it than others will, and I’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I speak with pilots.”

Kevin really liked the hands-on aspect of the meteorology courses, especially in Synoptic Meteorology I and II. "The instructor—Lee Titus, from Environment Canada—was really focused on student learning," Kevin explains. “He showed us how to apply our knowledge of physics to the actual work of being a meteorologist. And he was always really encouraging.”

But Kevin says other professors in the program were helpful too. “You get to know your profs well, sometimes on a first-name basis,” he says. “It’s a small community with a friendly atmosphere.”

Nothin’ but blue skies, you might say.

“I applied to other places that offer meteorology programs,” Kevin says. “But I’m definitely glad I came to Dal—I’ve had the chance to experience campus life as well as military life.”