Campus life

Student Services

Student Services is your gateway to all the help and support you need as a student at Dalhousie. Whether you are having difficulty in a particular subject, have questions about your program, or wish to discuss matters related to health or finances, we have a number of online services and drop-in centres that offer support to students.

Residence & Housing

Whether you're a new student applying to one of Dalhousie’s residence halls or you’re looking for assistance with your off-campus apartment search, we can help.

Find your home away from home.

Athletics & Recreation

Dalhousie offers a wide range of athletic opportunities for students. Cheer for the Tigers varsity sports teams, work out at Dalplex, or join an intramural sports league.

Clubs & Societies

With so many clubs and societies on campus, not only will you find plenty of people who share common interests, but you’ll have an opportunity to try something completely new. Browse the listings and find societies that suit your interests.