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Study where you want, when you want

Enjoy the flexibility of learning online, but still feel connected to your instructor and classmates through interactive exercises, group discussions, presentations and information sharing.



Diploma a great stepping stone

Improve your GPA and solidify your foundation with the DHSA before enrolling in a master's program.


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Achieving goals of reaching managerial positions

DHSA students and alumni want to work in a managerial role within the health-care system – and they know the Diploma can help them get there.


Program snapshot

Top 5 reasons to study Heath Services Administration at Dal:

  1. Formalize your education: Receive a Dalhousie Diploma to formalize your experience in the emergency field.
  2. Get your foot in the door: If you want a job in the health-care system, the Diploma is a great way to start your career.
  3. Advance your career: If you are already working in health care, the Diploma is an excellent way to progress in your career and enter a managerial role.
  4. Building blocks: Complement a degree in a health-care-related field with the Diploma.
  5. Improve your marks: Upgrade your GPA with the Diploma before enrolling in a master's program.

What will I learn?

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Develop a deeper understanding of the increasingly complex managerial tasks performed in health institutions, agencies and health-related government departments.

What can I do?

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From middle managers in large institutions to employees in community health centres and everything in between, the possibilities are bright for Dal’s DHSA grads.