Transfer applicants

As a transfer applicant you need to meet the subject requirements for your intended program outlined in our general entrance requirements. You may have completed these courses at the grade 12 level or during your post-secondary studies. If required subjects have been completed at the college or university level, a minimum grade of C is required. You also have to meet the competitive GPA requirement for your chosen program. Competitive GPA varies by program.

Transfer credit

If you have studied at a university or college that is recognized by Dalhousie, you may receive credit for course work already completed. To be assessed for and receive credit you need:

  • to have confirmed your offer of admission
  • final course grade of 'C' or higher
  • a course that is equivalent to one offered at Dalhousie
  • a course that applies to your program of study
  • to have completed the course within the time period to transfer to Dalhousie

How does it work?

You can view university and college work that has been assessed for transfer credit in the past on our Transfer Credit Equivalency Table. If any of your courses are not listed on the transfer credit equivalency table we will ask for a course description or course outline/syllabus.

Please provide us with links to the course description or course outline/syllabus on the school website or have a school official email attachments to Emails must be forwarded from a school official to ensure the information is authentic.

We will review each previously completed course for potential transfer credit and work as quickly as possible to complete your assessment. This can take some time because we need to:

  • determine a grading scale and credit weight
  • determine if any previous course work has already been assessed
  • determine what non-assessed course work can be reviewed
  • work with faculties, Departments and Schools to review course descriptions and outlines.

If your course descriptions, outlines or syllabi are not in English, they may need to be translated by a certified translator. Wait until you hear what information is required before you begin translation. For translation resources, please visit ATINS.

When your transfer assessment is complete, we will let you know which courses you will receive transfer credit for in your new program. The appropriate credits will be added to your student record.

Please remember to send in transcripts with final grades for any completed courses as soon as they are available.


Call the Admissions and Transfer Credit Team at (902) 494-2450 or email

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