Caet Moir, Class of 2012

A day in the life

Caet Moir, Class of 2012

Caet Moir

It is opening my eyes to so many things.

Fitting right in

When Caet Moir signed up to do the online Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management (DEHSM), she wasn’t sure if she was going to like it. It didn’t take long to realize it was a great fit for her.

“Because of the online nature, I have the flexibility to do things in my own time frame,” says the resident of Halifax. “I can go to work all day and do my school work at night. It’s working out really well.”

And as a Halifax resident, the DEHSM offers her many of the same perks students on campus get.

“I still get the perks like gym memberships and bus passes,” says Caet. “I can use the library. They still send you announcements. I still feel like I’m part of the student population.”

Finding a solution

Caet got the idea to pursue the DEHSM after working at a sexual health centre, where she went from being a volunteer to being the office manager. When her contract was up and Caet looked for other positions, employers were looking for education in the health area, which is something she didn’t have.

“The DEHSM had all of this,” says Caet.

The decision to pursue the DEHSM is one she doesn’t regret making.

“I’m loving it,” she says. “I’m finding out so much about our health-care system and what role the government plays and the issues that are going on. I’m becoming an advocate for some of the new technologies like the electronic records system. It is opening my eyes to so many things.”