Online Class List

The following are online university credit classes Dalhousie offers to all students.  Any other online classes listed in the Dalhousie Academic Timetable are generally restricted to students enrolled in specific programs. The timetable indicates which classes are offered online with a "D" in the Notes column.

Although the classes listed below are open to students in most programs, some of them may have pre-requisites. Click on the class that you are interested in taking to view the course description - any pre-requisites will be listed here.


AGRI 2000: Transition to Organic Agriculture

AGRI 3001: Agricultural Health & Safety

AGRI 4001: Agriculture Food and Well Being

APSC 4005: Watershed Management and Environmental Restoration

ENVA 2002: Composting and Compost Use

ENVA 2003: Introduction to Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture

ENVA 3021: Ecohydrology

HORT 2001: Principles of Organic Horticulture

AGRN 2000: Organic Field Crop Management

ANSC 2004: Organic Livestock Production

ANSC 3005: Animal Welfare (Winter Semester)

Anatomy and Neurobiology

ANAT 1010.03 Section 02:  Basic Human Anatomy


BIOL 1020.03:  Introductory Biology I:  Cells, Genetics & Evolution

BIOL 1021.03:  Introductory Biology II:  Organismal Biology & Ecology

Canadian Studies

CANA 4300.03:  Canadian Healthcare Delivery System


ECON 1101: Principles of Microeconomics


ENGL 2060.03 Section 02:  Sport Literature and Culture-Hockey

Health Administration

HESA 4000 Canadian Health Care Delivery System

HESA 4001 Management Roles and Competencies

HESA 4002/4010 Health Human Resource Management

HESA 4003/4020 Quality Management

HESA 4004 Health Care Planning

HESA 4005 Health Care Financial Management

HESA 4030 EHS System Design

HESA 4040 Principles of Community-Based EHS

HESA 4200 Epidemiology for Managers

HESA 4400 Introduction to Healthcare Economics

Health and Human Performance

DISM 3010.03:  Introduction to Occupation & Disability Management

DISM 3020.03:  Workers and the Work Environment 

DISM 4020.03:  Referral, Co-ordination and Follow-up

DISM 4040.03:  Strategies for Alternative Work and Prevention

DISM 4050.03:  Psycho-social issues in Disability Management

Microbiology and Immunology

MICI 1100.03:  Health Science Microbiology

MICI 2100 DE: Introductory Microbiology and Immunology

Physiology and Biophysics

PHYL 1000X/Y.06:  Human Physiology

Note:  Students must register in both PHYL 1000X and PHYL 1000Y.  Credit will only be given upon the successful completion of both halves.


RUSN 1000.06: Elementary Russian