Graduands request invitations for guests when they apply to graduate online.  Each potential graduate is guaranteed a minimum of two invitations but can request a maximum of four invitations.  

The number of invitations distributed is based on the number of potential graduates compared to the seating available, by ceremony. You do not need an invitation for yourself. Infants and young children, who may be sitting on parents' laps, still require their own invitation due to fire safety regulations.

Invitations will be sent:

  • early April for Spring Convocation
  • early August for Fall Convocation (held in Halifax).

We ask that you return any invitations you won't be using to the Registrar's Office as soon as possible so they can be made available to others.

Souvenir invitations will be available at the exit after the ceremony.

Additional Invitations

In the Spring, graduates with the Faculty of Agriculture do not need to request additional invitations for thier ceremony held in Truro as there is ample seating in the Langille Athletic Centre. We do request that you keep your number of guests within reason.

For the Fall ceremonies, held at the Dalhousie Arts Centre in Halifax, the availability of additional invitations will depend on the ceremony, the size of the graduating class and the number of students graduating but not attending. Additional invitations (if available) will be distributed at the door of the auditorium beginning one hour before the ceremony. These are handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.

If additional invitations are not available, any guests arriving at the auditorium without an invitation will be invited to wait in a reserved area in the lobby. Once guests with invitations are seated, guests without invitations will be seated as seating becomes available. Every effort is made to allow guests without invitations a chance to see their graduate cross the stage.

Special Seating

If you and/or your guest(s) require special seating or other arrangements due to a disability, please contact the Convocation Team.