During the Ceremony

Following introductory comments from the President, the Chair of Senate will rise and ask potential graduates to rise. They will then ask the Chancellor to confer the degrees. Please remain standing until the Chancellor takes their seat after conferral of the degrees.

Proceed to the stage: On a row-by-row basis a Marshal will lead you to the stage. Please walk out of your row and line up against the auditorium wall so the other potential graduates and guests seated behind you can still see the stage clearly.

On the stage: The Marshals will guide you up the stairs and onto the stage. You will hand your name card to the Dean who will read your name aloud — feel free to indicate quietly the proper pronunciation of your name.

Proceed to centre-stage as follows:
— remain standing as the Chancellor confers your diploma and shakes your hand
Bachelor kneel on the kneeling bench as the Chancellor holds a mortar board over your head and confers your degree
Masterremain standing as the Chancellor confers your degree and shakes your hand
PhDkneel on the kneeling bench as the Chancellor confers your degree and the Secretary of Senate takes your hood from your left arm and places it over your head. (A Marshal will demonstrate the correct way to carry the PhD hood on your left arm to allow this process to go smoothly.)

Proceed to the far side: Once your degree has been conferred, you will proceed to the far end of the stage and receive your parchment from the President.

Proceed off the stage: Walk down the stairs and back to your seat.
PhD recipients are invited to remain on stage and take a seat alongside the faculty; the President will direct you.

Finale: At the end of the ceremony you are asked to rise for the singing of O Canada and remain standing.The Marshal will lead you out of the auditorium and to the lobby.

Reception: A reception will be held at Jenkins Hall following your ceremony. You may wish to arrange to meet family and friends in a location away from the auditorium doors.

NOTE: Please refer to the Halifax ceremony notes if you are attending the Fall Convocation ceremony.