2014 Honorary Degree Recipients

Fall 2014

Albert J. Aguayo

Described as a high-skilled researcher and visionary thinker, Dr. Albert J. Aguayo has shown the world that brains can and do heal; something that was previously consider impossible.


Lawrence Hill

Lawrence Hill is an author, educator and champion of social justice.  Lawrence Hill’s vision and passion for social justice, and his ability to use literature to move people to action, encouraging people to look at issues of race, identity, justice and hopeful change.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, PC, OC

Canada’s 21st Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Paul Martin, has found even more meaning and impact in his public service since leaving office.  Mr. Martin is committed to addressing poverty, inequity and environmental issues at home and abroad and is described as one of Canada’s pre-eminent leaders of the past two decades.

Spring 2014

John Joseph Borrows

John Borrows, Canada’s pre-eminent scholar of Indigenous and Aboriginal law, is a rigorous and demanding academic, whose groundbreaking and original work is recognized internationally.


Carroll Oliver Brawner

Carroll Oliver Brawner is known and respected worldwide for his contributions to open-pit mining and geotechnical engineering, and is an authority on the design, construction and maintenance of stable tailings dams.

Solomon Demeke

Solomon Demeke is a poultry scientist at Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in the southwest highlands of Ethiopia, and the developer of a low-input technology for brooding chickens called the hay-box brooder; a solution so successful that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has funded its dissemination throughout East Africa.

Anne McGuire

Anne McGuire is President and CEO of the IWK Health Centre, the largest pediatric university teaching facility in Atlantic Canada.  She has been named one of Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEOs for five consecutive years, and was inducted into Atlantic Business Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2011.

Barton Myers

The Canadian Encyclopedia describes architect Mr. Myers as a cutting-edge practitioner and educator, “passionate about the health of cities and the need to balance preservation and renewal.” Mr. Myers is also widely recognized as one of the greatest theatre architects of his generation.

Maureen Joanne Sabia

A pioneer among Canadian women in business. In 2007, Maureen Sabia was appointed Chairman of the Board of Canadian Tire Corporation Limited, one of Canada’s most iconic retail chains, becoming one of just a handful of women to hold such a position at a major Canadian public company.

Donghyuk Shin

As a young man born into a North Korean prison camp, Donghyuk Shin has faced unimaginable adversity. As the only person known to have escaped from such a camp, he now educates people around the world about the human rights situation in North Korea.

David W. Simpson

David William Simpson is a world leading seismologist who has advanced our collective understanding of earthquakes and seismic activity worldwide. Described as the “epitome of a scientist whose skills serve global society” he is a mentor who has motivated and supported new generations of scientists.

Eldon R. Smith

Cardiologist Eldon R. Smith has dedicated his life to improving the heart health of Canadians, earning widespread recognition for his research into hypertension and cardiac failure.